CEE Talk
CEE Talk is a specialized online program produced by CEE, it’s focused on sharing experience, thoughts and updates of studying overseas between guest speakers and students or parents. It brings audience more perspectives and more personal stories about studying overseas through different ways, audio, video and live-streaming. Welcome to follow us on WeChat (ceechina) for more updates.
CEE Talk Season 3 started! Welcome CEE previous and present exhibitors to Register Now! For the initial part this season we focused on post Winter Olympic era. With the support from Finnish National Agency for Education, China Network of Finland University of Applied Sciences, New Zealand Embassy and New Zealand Education we have delivered five podcasts themed on “Unlock the Sports and Career for the Future”. As a program on going for the whole year, CEE Talk expects more comers with fresh ideas, hot topics, new programs and study policies! Unlock the Sports and Career for the Future - Podcast College Entrance Examination Season - Live Streaming
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CEE Talk 2021

    We initiated the "CEE Talk 2021 – Embassy Season" and organized six National Pavilions’ Live-streaming sessions – joined by Canada, UK, France, Germany, New Zealand and Ireland’s embassies and governmental institutions. Representing 6 study destination countries and around 140 schools at CEE 2021 they brought the latest and most authoritative study policies and changes.

CEE Talk 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic year 2020 witnessed the official debut of CEE Talk, with its 270 live-streaming sessions included in two seasons. Around 300 previous CEE exhibiting schools from 25 countries and regions joined us FOR FREE. Lasted for 113 days these live-streaming helped promote the overseas schools’ newest study arrangement and epidemic prevention measures to 21,705 Chinese students and parents. The hottest live session given by visa officers from Canada Embassy received a highest view from 2,663 audiences.

CEE Talk 2019 & Before

    CEE Audience WeChat Groups were created in 2017 and we held 4 podcasts online in the WeChat groups that year. Meanwhile a series of 9 National Pavilion Live-streaming was first staged on a third-party platform. The 9 National Pavilion Live-streaming were continued in 2018, while WeChat group podcast increased to 22 sessions. In 2019, more than 30 universities and governmental institutions from 10 countries and regions were involved in 55 podcast sessions and 8 national pavilion live-streaming were organized before CEE 2019. These experiences prepared us for the appearance of CEE Talk.