CEE TALK 3rd Season
CEE Talk is a splendid study abroad sharing program produced by China Education Expo (CEE), which keeps you in touch online all year round. In addition to the real-time updates through the official website of the China Education Expo, WeChat official account and WeChat Channels, you can also search "China Education Expo" on-site Bilibili and choose the "CEE Talk" album to watch the playback of the live streaming.

In 2022, CEE Talk 3rd Season, the first stage of the podcast series “Unlock the Sports and Career for the Future” in the post-Winter Olympics era, was completed from April to May. Welcome to the following playback:
    1. Deakin University

    2. Auckland University of Technology

    3. Lincoln University

    4. University of Waikato
In the second stage, the live broadcast of 2022 CEE Talk "college entrance examination season" has been launched on WeChat Channels. Welcome to make an appointment by one click through the following link:
    Lancaster University
    Southern Utah University
    ACG Schools
    Cranfield University
    Deakin University
    Royal Roads University
    Saskatchewan Polytechnic
    Massey University