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Bring In-Person and Remote Participation together for One Grand Hybrid Event

Ever since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, CEE strives to provide different methods of participation to cater for the promotion demand of exhibitors from all over the world. Based on the experience of CEE 2021 which saw 13% remote exhibitors, CEE 2022 will continue to be a hybrid exhibition, with both in-person participation and remote participation options.

Either you have local staff based in China or you have overseas campus only, you’ll find a way at CEE to promote your education excellence and reach the biggest recruitment market - China.
In-person participation

    2022 Cities Booth Sizes
    (W x D)
    Regular Prices in CNY
    from Apr. 21 – Jul. 20
    Final Prices in CNY
    from July 21
    Standard Booth Raw Space Standard Booth Raw Space
    Regular Corner Regular Corner Regular Corner Regular Corner
    Oct. 25 (Tue. 10:00-16:00)
    3m x 2m 17,500 19,250 15,800 17,250 18,300 20,200 16,500 18,100
    Oct. 27 (Thur. 10:00-16:00)
    3m x 2m 17,500 19,250 15,800 17,250 18,300 20,200 16,500 18,100
    Oct. 29 (Sat. 10:00-16:00)
    3m x 2.5m 20,000 22,000 18,000 19,800 21,000 23,100 18,900 20,700
    Beijing (NEW)
    Nov. 11-12 (Fri.-Sat. 09:30-16:00)
    3m x 2.5m 25,000 27,500 22,500 24,750 26,250 28,800 23,600 25,900
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Remote participation

Mini Space Booth (2m x 2m): Beijing CNY22500, Guangzhou CNY 15300, Chengdu CNY 15300, Shanghai CNY18000
Meeting Table (3 hours/city): Beijing CNY12,000, Guangzhou CNY12,000, Chengdu CNY12,000, Shanghai CNY12,000
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Your booth fee also includes the following benefits:
1. One exhibitor online profile with literal description, photos, videos and PDF brochure
2. Two exhibitor badges to gain admission into exhibition hall, access conferences and lunch
3. URL link to exhibitor’s home page directly from the exhibitor list
4. Complimentary drinking water on-site
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