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2015 Cities Booth Sizes
(W x D)
Early Bird Prices in CNY (before Aug. 20) Regular Prices in CNY (after Aug. 20)
Standard Corner Raw Space Standard Corner Raw Space
Oct. 24-25 Sat.-Sun.
3m x 2.5m CNY25,000 CNY27,500 CNY22,500 CNY26,000 CNY28,500 CNY23,500
Oct. 27 Tue.
3m x 2m CNY17,000 CNY18,700 CNY15,300 CNY17,500 CNY19,200 CNY15,800
Oct. 29 Thu.
3m x 2m CNY17,000 CNY18,700 CNY15,300 CNY17,500 CNY19,200 CNY15,800
Shanghai Fully Booked
Oct. 31-Nov. 1 Sat.-Sun.
3m x 2.5m CNY23,000 CNY25,300 CNY20,700 CNY24,000 CNY26,300 CNY21,700
1) Standard booth fees include fascia board with institution’s E/C names, aluminum frame system, white plywood panel walls
   on all closed sides of the booth, 2 information counters, 1 square table and 5 chairs for Beijing, Shanghai each (1 IBM table
   and 4 chairs for Chengdu and Guangzhou each), 2 lights, 1 waste basket, 1 single-phase socket (220V/5A) and booth fully
   carpeted. Corner booth is offered on ‘first come, first served’ basis and subject to availability.
2) Raw space is available with minimum size of 4 booths. Exhibitors will design and build their own booths at their own cost.
3) Co-exhibitor means two institutions share one booth, and booth fee is subject to 25% surcharge based on each booth.
   Co-exhibitor will be entitled to two exhibitor names in the fascia board and two descriptions at CEE website.
Once you have submitted your application successfully, your forms will be processed by the organizer very soon. And a confirmation letter with invoice will be sent to you within 5 working days after your application is confirmed. If you don’t receive the confirmation letter, please contact: / /